Loan Box Instructions

Some information to read about using the loan box service.

When using the loan box service you assume responsibility for the care of the loan box and its contents. All loan boxes and their contents are checked before collection.

Collecting the loan box

All loan boxes are collected from our main entrance on Tavistock Place. Unfortunately we cannot offer onsite parking for loan box collection and return, but Regent Street and Drake's Circus car parks are within easy walking distance. Information on individual car parks and locations can be found on the council website.

You will be asked to fill out and sign the loan box agreement when you arrive, please allow time for this. It is your responsibility to ensure these guidelines are followed including informing any person who is collecting the loan box on your behalf.

Transporting the loan box

Loan boxes must be kept level and carried with both hands. If collecting more than one box we advise bringing someone with you as we cannot guarantee assistance. Loan boxes should be secured safely in your vehicle during transportation. Loan boxes must not be left in vehicles overnight or for extended periods.

Using the loan box

During your school session, objects must be removed and unpacked carefully. We recommend staff and pupils wash their hands before and after handling. Items that can damage the objects such as pens, sticky-tape or jewellery should be kept to a minimum.

Seat groups around a table or sit on the floor as this minimises objects being dropped or broken. Pass objects around the group one at a time, making sure students hold objects with both hands. Once an object has been viewed return it to the box for safe keeping.

Please ensure no-one eats, drinks or smokes near the objects.

Returning the loan box

You must return the box back to our main entrance on Tavistock Place during normal opening hours. Once returned you will be asked to sign the loan box agreement, please allow time for this. Late returns will be charged at a weekly rate.

It is your responsibility to check the contents of the loan box before returning. Missing or damaged objects will be repaired or charged at full retail price.