My Story: 'Exoskeletal' by Eric Rickard

My Story: 'Exoskeletal' by Eric Rickard

Born and raised in Plymouth, Eric Rickard is an English Literature graduate and amateur poet who has performed at various festivals and events throughout Devon and Cornwall.

For this ‘My Story’ commission, Eric has produced a digital graphic novel utilising his own original prose and poetry.

Take a look at Eric's novella here.

I am incredibly passionate about LGBTQ+ issues and proud of my LGBTQ+ identity. I’m especially keen to share my story as I felt a definite sense of isolation in my LGBTQ+ identity as a child and want to create the kind of positive representation that might make other young people in Plymouth feel embraced by their community. My story is a difficult one but ultimately one with a very positive message, coming from a place of difficulty and going through many struggles but ultimately ending with the happiness, confidence and self-love that I initially thought it would be impossible for me to achieve.

Eric Rickard