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Take a journey through time, dive into our collections and explore creativity in Plymouth and beyond.

Journey through time and experience the development of the Port of Plymouth. Understand the people who made it their home and the Mammoth creatures who roamed the pre-historic landscape. Travel the world in 100 Journeys.

Find your calling as the BBC’s next newsreader in the Media Lab. Dive into our collection and find out more about your family, your street, and your city in Active Archives and be wowed by the Figureheads, each with their own story to tell of life at sea.

Historic Port of Plymouth | Discover | The Box Plymouth

Port of Plymouth

100 Journeys | The Box Plymouth

100 Journeys

Mammoth Gallery | Discover | The Box Plymouth


Naval Figureheads | The Box Plymouth


Active Archives | The Box Plymouth

Active Archives

The Cottonian Research Room | The Box Plymouth

The Cottonian Research Room

Media Lab gallery | The Box Plymouth

Media Lab