'Cami' by Bee Jarvis

'Cami' by Bee Jarvis

Bee Jarvis is a Plymouth-based writer and performer whose commission explores the city's natural wonders with a touch of magic.

Jarvis has used photography, illustration and written word and drawn on personal experience and memory to create her work which presents Plymouth as an enchanted place at night.

It’s one of my favourite things to share experiences and curiosities with people through my art and writing. I thought that by mixing illustration, photography and written word, I could really encapsulate my favourite parts of creativity, accessibility and storytelling. Life is even more wonderful when you get to share it with people around you, and I will always strive to do just that.

Bee Jarvis

Follow Cami as she discovers the hidden wonders of what the night can bring across Jarvis' short story and illustrated photography series.