Curriculum Challenges for homeschoolers

Curriculum Challenges for homeschoolers

11 January 2021

We're full of admiration for everyone who is currently home schooling their children. If you're looking for some different or extra ways to inspire them, we hope these challenges help. Take your pick and try one, a few or all of them!

View from My Window (Art)

Use whatever materials you have at home to draw the view from your window. What can you see from where you live? Maybe you can even try drawing with both hands!

Graphic for The Box's drawing curriculum challenge

Make your own Museum (Literacy)

Choose 10 objects from your house and create a display with information labels. Invite the members of your household to explore it and see what you've selected!

Graphic for The Box's literacy curriculum challenge

Sounds and Sequences (Music)

This challenge is all about music and is a chance for you to see what sounds and sequences you can create using objects at home.

Graphic for The Box's music curriculum challenge

A is for Anything (Literacy)

Here's a challenge inspired by our wonderful woolly mammoth. Make an alphabet using photographs of things you see when you're out for a walk. If you're staying at home at the moment, you can look for things around the house too!

Graphic for The Box's alphabet curriculum challenge

Find the oldest building (Local History)

This challenge takes its inspiration from the rebuilding of Plymouth after the Second World War. Look at the buildings around where you live and investigate them further.

Graphic for The Box's local history curriculum challenge

Cardboard Challenge (Art)

This challenge is based around art and design. See what cardboard you have at home and what you can make from it.

Graphic for The Box's cardboard curriculum challenge