Crowdfunder to bring ‘Christmas in a Box’ to thousands of local people

Crowdfunder to bring ‘Christmas in a Box’ to thousands of local people

13 November 2020

The Box has joined forces with Fosters Event Catering, the company that runs its Kitchen & Bar, for a special crowdfunding campaign aimed at helping local families during the festive season. At a time when food poverty is high on the news agenda, ‘Christmas in a Box’ aims to raise enough money to provide 10,000 people with the ingredients to make a Christmas dinner.

Executive chef Nat Tallents and her team will be putting together the boxes filled with tasty, nutritious food that will be delivered to 2,500 families and households across the city.

The campaign is supported by Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Community Homes and The Box Foundation (a charitable organisation that supports The Box).

Plymouth City Council Leader, Tudor Evans OBE said:

2020 has been such a strange year. Although we’re currently in a second lockdown there’s been a lot to celebrate at The Box recently, but we know that’s not the case for everyone. With Nat and the Foster’s team plus great produce from local suppliers, we’ve got all the right ingredients to help thousands of people enjoy their Christmas dinner. All we need now is for people to pledge what they can, help spread the word and really support the campaign.

Pledges can be made via our crowdfunder page at any point over the next month. There are a range of great incentives on offer for anyone who feels able to donate – from social media shout outs to behind-the-scenes tours with archivists, conservators and curators to sweet treats in the Kitchen & Bar and a private dinner party.

Nat Tallents, Executive Chef at The Box Kitchen & Bar said:

Alongside the challenges and uncertainties posed by the pandemic, we know there are many people living in the city who are struggling to feed their families. A good meal is something that can bring people together in the toughest of times and I hope everyone will get behind the campaign. Raising enough money to create these meal boxes would be the best Christmas present possible.