Building perspectives

Building perspectives

31 May 2024

Here at the Box, we value engaging with the people from all backgrounds to create a safe space to learn and to provide equitable access to the collections.

From January to March 2024, for the Reimagining the Film Archives programme, The Box media archive team rolled out introductory film archiving sessions. Working alongside volunteers Veronica, Nahom, Hadeel and Rania, together we interrogated and discovered hidden gems within the film archive collection using their skills and lived experiences. This included research of the collections, and sessions on film and tape transfers using a range of specialist media equipment. Kathryn Price, our Archives and Records Management Apprentice has said about the volunteers:

"It has been a privilege to work with Veronica, Nahom, Hadeel and Rania for the Reimagining the Film Archive programme. Exchanging knowledge with the volunteers while they explored our collections has been fascinating. Their enthusiasm and determination are evident. The knowledge gained is a testament to what we can learn about archives and the importance of them."

Here are some of the comments the volunteers have made during their contribution to The Box's vision:

"First 4 weeks great for learning new things, followed by practical experience of doing the work, enriching knowledge, and gaining insight. Helpful guides and guidance available." Hadeel Kamil Shendi

“Adventurous... life-changing... transformative.” Veronica Ailemen.

As a result of this introductory programme into film archiving, the participants expressed enthusiasm in continuing with us and we were keen to continue our engagement with them. Opportunities have now been developed for ongoing participation.