The Gold Ones

The Gold Ones

This artwork was commissioned by Visual Arts Plymouth as part of the 2016 Plymouth Art Weekender.

Project Details

Artist: Reactor
Category: Temporary
Date: 2016
Location: View on our Public Art Map (desktop and tablet; requires Google sign-in) Find past location on a map
Commissioner: Visual Arts Plymouth Producers: Plymouth Art Weekender Partners: Arts Council England, Horizon, Plymouth Culture, University of Plymouth, Plymouth City Council

The Gold Ones follows the character Ivan Poe and his adventures in the fictional environment - the Cosmic Care Home. Viewers stepped inside the giant cuboid structure on Armada Way to view short animated films depicting the well-meaning but slightly destructive character navigating her way through a bright, surrealist landscape.

The Gold Ones has since become an ongoing project for the artist group Reactor. The evolving narrative, that uses video, performance and installation to explore an imagined future is intended to venture further in getting to know the Gold Ones through the documentary, about who they were and how they exist.

About the Artist

Reactor is an artistic collaboration interested in the creation of social microcosms, engaging audiences with their work to create solutions and conclusions to their pieces.