Plymouth Together

Plymouth Together

Like so many others we were shocked and saddened by the tragic events that took place in Keyham on 12 August. A number of organisations across the city have come together to support the city's recovery. Here's more information about what The Box is honoured to be doing to help with this.

Creating an archive

Memorial items left in Keyham will be kept as a permanent tribute to those who lost their lives in the attack.

Following consultation with residents of Keyham and the families of those who lost of their lives, Council staff join members of the local community in early September to carefully remove the sea of flowers, plants, cards, teddies, candles and balloons that were placed in key locations throughout the local area.

The donations will be moved to a local secure area where they can be digitally captured. A range of petals from the donations will also be pressed and cast in resin, stored safely for the bereaved families and local community to view at a later date. Those that have wilted will be turned into compost and used for future green space memorials.

Soft toys left as a tribute will be cleaned and stored. In the future they will be given to children’s charities such as the Teddy Trust who give soft toys to children experiencing traumatic events all over the world. Messages and cards left will be kept by The Box, and stored for historical record.

A pile of flowers left in tribute to the victims of the Keyham shootings

Councillor Nick Kelly, Leader of Plymouth City Council, said:

The number of physical tributes to those who lost their lives has been very touching. We know that each one came from the heart, and meant something to the local community. We want to permanently capture each donation. We have been working closely with the local community to make sure that these acts of kindness are preserved and protected. Over the past week or so, we have already made sure that many of them have been protected from the rain.

Our preservation work will ensure that longer term, those who lost their lives will not be forgotten and their spirit and memories will live on forever. Over the weeks and months ahead there will be further tributes and memorials planned, and I am pleased that The Box has been able to facilitate a further opportunity for people to pass on their messages.

A card tribute left in memory of the victims of the Keyham shootings

If you're planning other memorials or tributes, please get in touch with 'Plymouth Together' via email.

As Keyham, the local community and the city continue to come to terms with what has happened and how to recover, an online 'Plymouth Together' hub has been set up to provide the latest information, help and support.