SENsational workshops

SENsational workshops

Our SENsational workshops for students with special educational needs and disabilities, including those with profound and multiple disabilities and ASC, are open to visits from a range of educational settings.

The sessions have been co-designed with SEN teachers, students and specialists in this area. These sessions use all the senses to allow your students to engage with, and respond to, The Box’s galleries, displays and resources. These sessions as well as other school workshops can be designed bespoke to meet your group’s individual needs and curriculums.

Your 60-minute session can include two activities from the seven options below:

Key Stages:
Early Years,
Key Stage 1,
Key Stage 2,
Key Stage 3,
Key Stage 4,
Key Stage 5,
SEN (Special Educational Needs),
Higher/Further Education
Local History
Museum Visiting Skills,
Sir Francis Drake,
World Travel,
Ice Age

When Giants Walked in Devon (Mammoth Gallery)
This activity takes students back in time 30,000-40,000 years to when mammoths, cave lions and enormous deer ruled the area. It tells the story of the mammoth in a sensory way, enabling students to experience aspects of life thousands of years ago.

A World of Difference (Mammoth Gallery)
This activity encourages close observation skills by getting students to explore the gallery and make links between handling objects and what they see in the gallery. Students consider the diversity of their environment and of the natural world. Exploration includes handling objects and exploring the gallery together.

Around the World from Plymouth (100 Journeys Gallery)
This activity focuses on the women and men who have set out from Plymouth (or have strong links to Plymouth) to meet new people and explore the world. Students consider what objects are useful for a long journey and then explore the gallery. The activity also encourages students to think about meeting new people in their own lives, as well as exploring the concept of ownership.

To the Beat of Drake’s Drum (100 Journeys Gallery)
This activity focuses on life at sea in Elizabethan times through the eyes of Sir Francis Drake. Students travel back in time to the beat of Drake’s drum and then experience different aspects of life aboard Elizabethan ships using sensory props.

Shipshape (Port of Plymouth Gallery)
This activity focuses on Plymouth’s shipbuilding heritage. It encourages students to first explore different materials that have been used to build ships over the centuries and then work together to build their own model ship.

Plymouth is my Home (Port Gallery)
This activity focuses on what makes our local area special by looking at some of the everyday aspects of your students’ lives. It encourages them to compare these with similar aspects in the past by exploring Plymouth ‘then and now’.

Searching for the Stars (All galleries)
This activity develops students’ confidence in an unfamiliar environment. They must find three of the museum’s star objects, asking appropriate adults for help and directions.

Price £5 per student (including VAT)
Group size (minimum) 30 students
Duration 60 minutes
Ages 3-25
Additional Infomation

Please send us your booking enquiry at least four weeks before your planned visit.

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