Making It

Making It

From 29 September 2020

In line with the Government guidelines, The Box is temporarily closed. We will confirm a re-opening date as soon as we can.

Making It features the work of six contemporary international artists: Leonor Antunes (Portugal), Christopher Baker (USA), Alexandre da Cunha (Brazil), Antony Gormley (UK), Eva Grubinger (Austria) and Kehinde Wiley (USA).

The exhibition is spread across four spaces at The Box: South Hall, North Hall, Hurdle Gallery and St. Luke’s. It also includes Kehinde Wiley’s sub-titled Ship of Fools, shown in collaboration with the University of Plymouth’s Arts Institute and a work in the public realm by Antony Gormley called Look II on West Hoe Pier.

The show aims to compare and contrast the different ways we can “make it”, from the labour intensive and wrought nature of manufacturing and fabricating artworks and objects of material integrity, referencing Plymouth’s history as a city of makers and crafts people, with what might be viewed as instant success gratification, 15 minutes of fame and wannabe culture in the age of social media.

Making It also includes “readymades”, whereby artists choose to re-appropriate existing found objects in order to reveal normally overlooked form, beauty and mystery, by inviting audiences to see them with a new perspective in a gallery context. Since the early 20th century, artists have been selecting day-to-day relatively mundane items and reinventing them through subtle interventions, however some of the work on display by Eva Grubinger and Alexandre da Cunha does this to monumental effect.

Leonor Antunes’ installation highlights the histories embedded within material production. Her pain-staking approach to work offers a perspective into forms of labour that retain human and cultural value and provides a counter-balance to our increasingly digitised, fast paced world.

Kehinde Wiley reflects on how over the centuries, systems of prejudice have prevented opportunity, marginalised the achievements and hindered recognition of the important contribution made by individuals, as well as whole sections of society, because of their race.

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Christopher Baker: Hello World | The Box Plymouth

Christopher Baker: Hello World!

29 September 2020 - 24 January 2021

Antony Gormley | The Box Plymouth

Antony Gormley: LOOK II

View now on West Hoe Pier

Eva Grubinger: Fender | The Box Plymouth

Eva Grubinger: Fender

From 29 September 2020

Alexandre da Cunha | The Box Plymouth

Alexandre da Cunha: Figurehead II

From 29 September 2020