Always Welcome

Always Welcome: wellbeing sessions

08 Feb 2022 - 08 Mar 2022

On selected Tuesday afternoons

Free wellbeing sessions inviting you to find calm at The Box

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On selected Tuesday afternoons in 2022: 8 February and 8 March. We recommend you attend one or two sessions. To book, please email your contact details to [email protected] or call 01752 308624 for more details or to book a place.

All sessions are free but booking is essential

Always Welcome wellbeing sessions are aimed at members of local community groups, carers, people living with memory loss, and over 40s wishing to improve their mental wellbeing and to meet other people.

The Box is offering nine free sessions between September 2021 and March 2022 inviting you to explore new ways of looking at some of the wonderful artworks and objects in our collections and exhibitions. These sessions have been designed to encourage you to feel Always Welcome at The Box. Learn how to take time to relax and unwind in our galleries, so that you can feel comfortable to continue to visit regularly on your own or with a companion.

You'll be guided by professional artist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and group sound therapist, Carly Seller. As one of our artist facilitators at The Box, Carly has extensive experience working with individuals, communities and creative organisations in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

During these sessions you'll engage closely with selected objects and artworks in our galleries. By looking at the objects in a different and more concentrated light, you will see how easy it is to develop your own way of mindfulness – focused on your own experience, through your own eyes. You'll also learn simple techniques to develop your awareness through your senses, breathing exercises to help focus your mind, and creative exercises to explore new ways of responding to the objects and artworks that we will be looking at.

In each session, we will meet in the Simmons Learning Room before making our way to one of our wonderful galleries here at The Box. Carly will introduce you to mindful ways of looking and thinking about what you are seeing in different ways, such as colours, shapes, feelings, daily life, aspirations and calm. We will return to our peaceful Learning Room to practice simple mindfulness in this quiet space by using our handling objects or engaging in mindful making. This will be followed by some guided breathing, meditation and relaxation, with tips on how you can continue these practices yourself at The Box and at home, to improve your wellbeing.

We hope you can discover new ways to support your mental health whilst making connections with new people. Taking time to connect and notice more deeply helps you to relax, learn something new in your own way, and gives you time to unwind.

Join us on selected Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm in 2021 and 2022: 28 September, 12 October, 9 November, 23 November, 14 December, 18 January, 8 February, 22 February, 8 March.
We recommend you attend one or two sessions. Booking is essential. Please click on the button below to email your contact details to [email protected] or call 01752 308624 to book a place or find out more.