Maurizio Anzeri: On The Move

Maurizio Anzeri: On The Move

02 Apr 2022 - 11 Sep 2022

Open Tuesdays to Sundays and Bank Holidays from 10am-5pm

View a varied series of works by Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri presented in four different locations - The Box’s South Hall, Active Archives gallery, 'Dress Code' exhibition and The Levinsky Gallery on the University of Plymouth campus.

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On display on the Ground and First Floor of The Box and in The Levinsky Gallery at the University of Plymouth.

Free admission. No need to book.

On arrival at The Box you're welcomed by a new series of 13 figures, titled 'Plaster People', made from various sized plasters in a range of skin colours. The life sized figures are positioned in dialogue with The Box's majestic Royal Naval ship's figureheads. Alongside 'Plaster People', 'Present Traces – Blonde', a seminal sculpture made of synthetic hair, is suspended from the ceiling nearby.

Plaster People and Present Traces - Blonde in The Box's South Hall
Plaster People detail #1
Plaster People detail #2
Plaster People detail #3

In the Active Archives gallery, five elaborate and colourful maps of the world interact with The Box's archival displays, reflecting on notions of migration, displacement and conflict. Meanwhile, 'A Little Black Dress', a wearable sculpture made for the iconic fashion editor Isabella Blow in 2000, will be presented in 'Dress Code - Fashion Stories from The Box', The Box's first exhibition dedicated to Plymouth's costume and textiles collection.

Maurizio Anzeri maps #1
Little Black Dress #1
Maurizio Anzeri maps #2
Little Black Dress #2

From 6 August-11 September, ‘On The Move’ culminates with a major presentation in The Levinsky Gallery at the University of Plymouth. Anzeri’s rich practice from the last decade is presented alongside a new body of works commissioned by The Box.
The images below have been provided courtesy of University of Plymouth.

Artworks hanging on a gallery wall, with a sculpture made of hair seen in the right of the image
Black and white artworks depicting acrobat-like figures, with two 3D installations placed either side in the gallery space
Image showing a view of an exhibition that has a mix of 2D and 3D artwork within the space.